Malabari snacks ,Ogiene @Marine Drive Cochin

This is a shop where we can eat and pledge eatocracy,From muttamala’s to omana pathiri they serve a variety of malabari snacks that may flood your mouth.

Snacks we ate-

Muttamala-it’s a reverse version ofegg,where the egg white is baked and caramelised and yolk is served as a noodle above the caramelized egg version.The first impression was this will be a spicy combination but it was dipped in saccarine.oops   sad for the taste buds.

Omana pathiri-it’s the most profitable and best thing we had at ogiene.And we loved every bit of it.The rest we had was Chemeen bonda,erachipathiri,unnakaya,bun nirachathu and lot more.If you love experimenting with food ,thats your planet.



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Anita says:

    good one 🙂

    1. foodieroom says:

      Authentic malabari snacks over there,had to face a big queue !!

  2. aneesh says:

    i dont know about ojeen at marine drive
    but i had food at ojeen , edapally toll,ernakulam

    1. foodieroom says:

      Great info passed :). Did you liked it?

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