Chilly chicken noodles and french fries at kalamatha,Bangalore

Hiyaa this is a short cozy place where we ate lunch almost at dinner time.But trust me the food was too good (and it was not because we were hungry).The price was reasonable and one of the best noodles we ate and french fries which were really crisp (Unlike the Mcd French fries which we absolutely dislike)And the secret agent  is  5 , 4, 3, 2, 1 go !! Olive oil. Stomach is  🙂 Blogger double happy :) . Following the awe, we went to a supermarket to buy  a bottle of olive oil, We then started looking at the smallest bottle(it’s not about the price ;) ) and we bought Baked lays with air instead :)

If you want to get away from cholestrol bomb oil and something hatka. Try this small haven you won’t get disappointed .Olive oil swear !!




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