Yan thai chickencompo @beijing,Bangalore

Ola reader don’t get confused with the beijing restaurant with the title okay.Presenting YAN TAI CHICKEN which should 

be  named YUMMY TAI CHICKEN :).After having not so good chilly chicken and dragon chicken yan tai filled our heart and soul.We recommend this a treat to thai cooking.It is essentially filled with necessarily thai oils and sauces.It’s a must try as it is something different from usual Chinese recipes(matches good with the fried rice).

Good thing about beijing is that ,you will get your order in minutes unlike other chineese restaurants.



P.S- Usual chineese recipe refer to chicken in honey and sauce which became a complete disaster for our tastebuds.!!!



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Ankur says:

    chicken….i jst love it..but saavan h yaar…can’t eat 4 a mth…but still chicken its always YUMMY 🙂

  2. viKtoR says:

    Wow ! This looks Awesome !

  3. foodieroom says:

    ankur:Thanks dear 🙂 Saphar ka phal meettha hota hai..that doesnt mean you have to try chicken dipped in honey : lol

  4. foodieroom says:

    viKtor:Thanks a lot buddy 🙂

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