Chocolate Avalanche & Chocolate Excess Pastry at Chocolateroom, Bangalore


Dear chocoholic

What you are seeing above is an abode of chocolate heaven. After having a disastrous choco lava lava this was a magical gift for a pedestrian and chocolate room deserves the lauds and claim :). Choco excess cake can give you the feel that “Dairy milk silk” provides in its advertisements.

“Taste is that sensation produced when stimuli are taken into the mouth and react with the receptors of the taste buds. Simply put, it is a chemical reaction between stimuli (food) and receptors (taste buds).”-Wikipedia

But for us it’s an amazing satisfaction that fills both stomach and heart.

Chocolate avalanche is a cousin of choco excess cake and it has chocolate mousse with choco sticks.

Full on 10/10 for choco excess cake and you get a small wine glass full of chocolate sauce only as subsidiary thou(You have to pay extra)

And for chocolate avalanche foodies say it’s awesome and for me it’s 7/10.

But if you want to fall in love with a chocolate guy!! Try out the awesome place.

Service was okay, ambiance was okay the choco aroma was great but missed the A/C over there.If you crave for chocolate and nothing else head for it !!!


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