Tibetan fried momos at tibetan market ,Church Street,Bangalore


Hiyaa looks familiar ??

This is momos.That will be a cousin of “Pidi” in kerala .Instead of filling with sugar and coconut this one has chicken and it’s fried too.

One day in master chef episode we saw akshay kumar making this dish in 15 minutes that was the first time we came to know about it.After that one of the colleague was exclaiming about this superlative dish.

And tada we land up on tibetan market and yahoo there momo’s momo’s and lot’s more momo’s over there.

After first bite it burned the tastebuds so bad and we became guilty of the idea.The second and third bite gave us reverse  effects.

It was an overall okay dish but didnt make up to the hype it created!!!

Things to be taken care of:

Don’t eat this if you have a dry/cold throat the oil could do reverse and don’t eat more than 4 at the same time again (reverse effects).Order steamy momos and fried one to save your heart,mind and cholestrol 🙂

P.S-Don’t get excited with the sauces over there, after 5 minutes fighting with momos  the waiter guy took it from us and placed it on another table 😛


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Priya Nair says:

    hav tried dem!!!more dan d fried ones d steamy ones i wud go for!!!:))))nyws FR!!IS AWESUM KEEP

    1. foodieroom says:

      Thank you priya 🙂 Same here we also prefer steamy ones :).Will surely keep you updated.:)

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