Roti and Mughalai Chicken kebab at Empire,Bangalore




if its’ not the taste ,then why people consume so much of food .To sustain or for showing off (beer belly)

For me it’s only about the taste and definitive ambiance.

I can’t eat in a crowded place where they expect you to get out after 5 minutes.I need to lay back listen to the soft music,enjoy the lights and the architectural extravaganza(even thou i confess i’m the biggest thattukada fan).Then i want to order the never heard never seen item on  the menu.

And most of the time i feel like the person at the other table has ordered a better item on the menu .Sad !!

But this time, i saw a person crunching a chicken kebab alone.


I chose roti (to save India from cholesterol, i choose roti with no oil) and chicken kebab.

And it was the best chicken kebab and better than the one i had at ocea.It was small,crunchy,juicy in the middle and definitely fried to the core, you can chew it without roti.Roti was accompanied by dal and some chutney which was very bad,nuisance to the taste buds,but whatever i ordered filled my soul as my mouthwatering was equal to aroma of the kebab.




3 Comments Add yours

  1. Ajoy Joshi says:

    Love the combination of roti and khorma!

    1. Ajoy Joshi says:

      And of course a good kebab!!

  2. foodieroom says:

    Thanks ajoy for the valuable comments , keep on visiting the blog 🙂

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