Baked chicken bavarian,Indonesian steak, roasted chicken steak at Truffles ice and spice , St marks road Bangalore



Truffles ice and spice is where we get the bestest burgers in Bangalore, it could definitely beat MCD,KFC burgers also set in a decent price and amazing ambience.

Perfect place to hangout with your chaddi buddies 😉

This time foodies tried 3 different steaks

Baked chicken bavarian -Pic 1 , is a boneless chicken fiesta with cheesy saucy treat add ons as garlic bread

Verdict- one of the foodie literally dived in to it , rest you can guess 😉

Indonesian steak- Pic 2 Comparatively this one scored low marks in our foodie test, but we loved it when we had it in spoon with chicken + tomato sauce+rice+ mayonnaise +mashed potato =Yummy !!

Roasted chicken steak- Pic 3 This took away our hearts and soul and we ate shamelessly without giving a single care to the surroundings. Spicy,tangy, roasted chicken legs stirred in red sauce was definitely <y> wow !!



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