Beef fry and nadan fish curry meals at Pappadams, Jeevanbhima nagar, Bangalore




Pappadoms is a crispy treat for those who want a pinch of kerala cuisine. Loyal to it’s name we get a basket full of fried pappadoms as starters which is really very good.

And being from the state we yearned for a nice hot kerala fish curry meals.

Verdict: Not up to the hype !!

We ordered fish curry meals with beef fry on lazy sunday afternoon little we knew that on sunday everyone tends to be so

What we loved :

Great ambience, not so pricey menu and beef fry 

Beef fry was out of the world man !!! you gotta eat it to believe it. Our mouths were already drooling with the mere sight of it.

P.s- Don’t go in a group of 6 your chances of getting to the beef fry plate is very limited.


What we disliked

: Rice and fish curry meals

We yearned for kerala rice but  we got white rice is unsatisfying. Fish curry was also not that good so we are not posting a pic of it.


But you have to try this restaurant when at most times they serve motta rice and be there for their beef fry. The best tryouts at the restaurant will be biriyanis 🙂




4 Comments Add yours

  1. varghese pallan says:

    Super unbelievable 🙂

  2. foodieroom says:

    Thanks!! Keep on visiting the blog 🙂

  3. Freaky Thommi says:

    do you have the contact number for this place .. Thanks

    1. foodieroom says:

      Thanks for commenting thommi

      Here is the number you asked for
      : 080 4201 2402

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