Kerala Meals, Beef Fry, Beef varutharachathu At Ente keralam ,Dickenson Road Bangalore


There has been only one restaurant foodies waited to get in for more than 2 hours and its “Ente Keralam” @Dickenson road near to trinity metro station Bangalore.

The ambience was par excellence and we doubted whether we came to a kerala restaurant or an italian one.


And after waiting for 2 hours which seemed like forever we got in the restaurant and ordered “Kerala special meals,Beef Fry &Beef varutharachathu”

Our platter arrived after another considerable amount of time. And what should we say?

Non veg items were brilliant but we had over expectation for veg items and we were wrong there.

The Food is really great but what kills you is that the menu is very pricey.

If you want a 1k bill for every meal , ente keralam is the best place to get kerala food. The mediocre crowd couldn’t digest the expensive bill with extra charges and tax


Ambience: “Adipoli”

Service: “Ok Ok”

Food: Beef Fry :”Le heaven”

Beef varutharachathu:”Not Up to the hype”

Kerala meals: “Some dishes are excellent some below average”

Final Verdict: Must go once in a lifetime 🙂Image


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