Belgian and English Breakfast at Ant’s Cafe, Indiranagar, Bangalore



Ants cafe is one of the best hangouts in bangalore especially for a warm breakfast. The ambience, fresh air and great service makes it a gourmets dream palace.

So here we are having english and Belgian breakfast on a cool breezy saturday morning.

English breakfast had all the necessary items of toasted bread,butter,beaked beans (which was yuck) and grilled vegetables and sausages.

Belgian breakfast is yummilicious and those who have a sweet tooth will absolutely love it.

Waffles, choco honey syrup, grilled vegetables and sunny side up eggs made it a real treat 🙂

Verdict: Excluding the baked beans in both breakfast trays its a 10/10.

The eggs were perfect,sausage was dreamy, the vegetables were fresh , waffles and syrup was a extraordinary delicious combo and toasted bread was simplicious.

It’s a must try for everyone and we highly recommend this

priced decently, we loved it more when we got our free complimentary cappuccinos.

P.S – Don’t go by the picture, it took 2 hours for us to finish it . It was yummilicious (still drooling)


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  1. Murali says:

    thanks for the review- can you please include the full name, address and contact numbers for the restaurants you visit so that those who wish to go there can also reach them. Thanks!

    1. foodieroom says:

      Thanks Murali. We will put the required info for future posts and will update the existing ones ASAP. Thanks for the input. Keep on visiting the blog 🙂

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